Free Infographic: Writing Quote

I have designed this (info)graphic based on an inspirational quote by famous fantasy writer Delia Sherman (bio at wikipedia).

I have released it under Creative Commons License. You may download the full-size and use it "as your own," provided that you do not alter the design or my byline. Resizing is okay.

I have provided a blank graphical element at the bottom where you can insert your own text, such as your name, website address, profile URL, or whatever. This will help you use this graphic as a self-promotion tool. I am also providing a version without the text, just the design. This will let you add a different quote, if you wish.

You can upload this graphic to your own Pinterest account, Facebook page, blog, website, or include it in an online video or slideshow or .pdf ebook.

Here is a thumbnail sample of what the graphic looks like:

(with the blank graphic element)

The quote reads:

(customized text in the blank element)

In the above image you can see an example of text that I included. To add your own text, download (below) and import the graphic into Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, or any graphics program. Type your text on top of the graphic element and re-save.

I have four color-variations and one without the quote (just the design).The full size is 1024px by 650px. Simply click on the link and save the graphic to your computer.

Blue (Download)

Regular (download

Yellow (download)

Red (download)

Just the design (download)
Add your own quote to the graphic

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Brian Scott