Free Infographic: Writing a Love Story

I have designed this free infographic to highlight a few elements that romance writers use to write a typical love story. If you find this graphic useful, feel free to share it as you wish. Click on the image below for the full-size.

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Here are a few more things that I learned about writing a romance:

1) In its most simple structure, a romance story is about a relationship between two characters, usually between a male and female character. The author narrates the triumphs, difficulties, and adversities of their relationship. Romance stories must have well-rounded, believable characters with whom readers can connect.

2) Besides developing the romance and relationship between the two main characters, a romance story must have an interesting plot. Sure, readers want to observe and participate in the romance, but readers also want a storyline or sub-plot that adds thrill, suspense, and intimacy. Normally, a romance story does end happily, with the principal characters falling deeply in love. Because of the predictable ending, the author should strive to add something to the story to intrigue and interest the reader.

3) A romance story should engage the reader to the point that the reader forgets his or her own reality. Therefore, the author should blend together and exaggerate the facets and feelings of romance, passion, lust, and sexual tension.

4) Romance writing is divided into different genres and sub-genres. A story set in the past will produce different feelings and scenarios of romance for the reader than a story set in present time. The time and context of the story can enrich and influence the way in which characters behave, react, and share their feelings.

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Brian Scott